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Dont Get Ripped off by a San Diego Roofing Repair Con Artist

With extreme weather changes and increases in home damage across California, there has been an alarming rate of con artist posing as San Diego roofing repair contractors. Their goal is to catch you off guard and get your cash fast. Heres a recent report a first account story of one person who caught them in the act. Heres how it played out

"They caught me in the driveway, two gentlemen in a truck, said they were canvassing the neighborhood alerting people about hail damage," explained Barrow. The company said somebody would be back the next day to get on her roof and check it out. "They asked what homeowners insurance I had and what deductible. They said I would qualify and they would cover the deductible," added Barrow. She followed her gut instinct, called around neighbors and said no thank you.

Plan Foiled...One for the Good Guys..lol

Always be leery of anyone who knocks on your door uninvited offering a service. Unfortunately, there is no caller id on your door but take similar precautions. 9 times out of 10 if someone is knocking on your door,it's a bad sign. Especially in this case! San Diego Roofers don't work with insurance companies. Insurance agents will send out their own claims specialist to determine whether there is damage and if it's from a storm or possibly a maintenance issue.

These days there are a number of resources you can check to view a company's credibility. A quick google search would let you know almost everything about the company. In the case that they are not on the internet, politely say No thanks and close the door! The State Insurance Commissioner's office has this advice: never make a commitment until after you have talked with your agent or claims adjuster.

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