Choosing the Perfect Roof for a Temperate Climate

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When homeowners think about roofing repair, maintenance, and care, it’s easy to assume that areas with temperate climates and hundreds of sunny days will have no roofing problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. California has over 280 sunny days each year. So, while your roof may not collapse from snow, it does have to contend with seemingly endless damaging sun rays. Your roof is your home’s primary defense against the outdoor climate, and whether it’s rain, snow, or heat, you have to take the proper steps to care for and protect your roof. If the roof on your home is old, this could be the perfect time to replace it. If you are considering an upgrade, now is the time to plan ahead and take advantage of any of the durable, long-lasting roofing materials best fitted for our climate.

For homes in our sunny climate, here are a few of the best options:

  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing is easy to care for, it provides excellent protection against the sun’s rays, and it can withstand Santa Ana winds. Metal roofs also help keep your home cool using reflection.
  • Slate Roof Tile: Slate roofing materials are made of rock, so they are durable and able to withstand various weather conditions. Not all homes can handle slate roofing weight, so it’s important to work with a professional to perform all necessary safety tests.
  • Clay Roof Shingles: Clay tiles are beautiful and great for temperate and warmer climates. They are heat and fire-resistant, which is very beneficial in our region.

Thankfully, our summer temperatures aren’t too high, but the sun’s rays can still heat up the roof of your home. Even the most cared for roof will eventually need replacing, so it’s important to choose the best solution for your home and family. In addition to saving money, a properly selected roof can yield many significant benefits like energy efficiency, durability, and temperature control.

Sun, Wind, and Disrepair are Threats to Your Roof

When the sun is beating down on your roof, even at moderate temperatures, it can cause premature wear to the structure. While our summers are not typically extreme, we do have many days of unfiltered sunshine. The sun’s UV rays can strain the durability of your roofing materials. Another form of damage in our mild climate comes from wind. Southern California experiences high wind season, and if your roof is already worn, the Santa Ana winds could further the damages. To prevent wind damages to your roof, it’s important to reach out to a roofing specialist to ensure it’s in good condition.

How to Know If You Need Roofing Services

It can be challenging to know if you need roofing services. After all, your roof is on top of your home and not always easy to visually inspect for disrepair or damages. If you have experienced

  1. Roofing Materials: If there are roofing materials in your gutters and drainage systems, you need to schedule an inspection for your roof.
  2. Missing Roofing: After a very hot, windy, or rainy day, you should schedule a time to visually inspect your home for loose, missing, or damaged roofing.
  3. Shifted Tile: Roofing tiles can become dislodged or unfitted during wind or rainstorms. The movement could also be caused by wear and tear, like finding worn out corroded nails used to place tiles can become worn and allowing for tile shifting.

Early preparations and maintenance can ensure your home withstands the brunt of high winds. Much of the roofing damage experienced during the windy season is from roofs already weakened from minor damages that were never repaired.

Why Customers Choose Boyce Roofing

Roofing maintenance and repair are important parts of homeownership. If you think your roof may be in disrepair or require closer inspection, contact the professionals at Boyce’s Roofing & Repair. We can help you protect your roof and home.

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