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Your home is a significant investment and at Boyce's Roofing and Repair, we help you protect one of its most vital parts - the roof. If you need residential roofing in Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, or any of the surrounding areas, our team can handle the job. We have extensive experience dealing with all types of roofing issues and handle projects of all sizes, such as shingle, tile, torch down, tpo & metal. In fact, we have earned a reputation throughout the community for our high quality work.

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6 Important Signs You Need a New Roof

If you notice any of the following signs, it might be time to consider getting a new roof:

  • Age of the Roof: Consider the age of your roof; most asphalt shingle roofs last around 20-25 years. Other materials like metal or tile may last longer.
  • Leaks or Water Damage: Water stains on ceilings or walls, or water leaking into your home during rainstorms, could indicate roof damage.
  • Missing, Cracked, or Curling Shingles: Inspect for missing, cracked, or curling shingles, as damaged or worn-out shingles can compromise your roof's integrity.
  • Visible Sagging or Drooping: A sagging roofline suggests structural problems requiring immediate attention.
  • Granules in Gutters: Check for granule accumulation in gutters, indicating asphalt shingles nearing the end of their lifespan.
  • Increased Energy Bills: Noticeable increases in heating or cooling bills might signal poor roof conditions affecting insulation or ventilation.

Regular inspections by a professional roofer can help identify these issues early and prevent further damage.

Is It Time for Roof Inspection?

Your roof is one of the hallmarks for your safety and comfort. It shields you from external forces and allows you to stay comfortable all year round. But because it’s out of sight, it often goes out of mind. Most homeowners don’t consider getting a roof inspection unless they’re buying or selling a home. The National Roofing Contractors Associations (NRCA) recommends that roofs be inspected every fall and spring to help maintain their structure and prevent damage.

At Boyce's Roofing and Repair, our skilled technicians have experience and training examining a variety of different roofs. We carefully inspect the unit making note of any weakness before compiling a report and coming up with customized solutions.

Some things we look for during a roof inspection include:

  • Attic – We make sure the attic is properly ventilated. We’ll check the intake vents for any blockage and make sure the roof isn’t sagging.
  • Flashing – We’ll check to make sure your roof has proper flashing (such as side walls, valleys, etc.) to protect from leaks.
  • Deterioration – We’ll look for signs of deterioration on your roof. From loose shingles to weak spots, you’ll want to make sure those are fixed.
  • Rot & Mold – Water damage and rotting is common in roofs where there are a lot of storms or humidity. Our Oceanside residential roofing experts double check to ensure there is no rot or mold in your roof.

Common Repairs & Replacement Services

If you are unsure of exactly what is wrong with your roof or what type of repairs you may need, we can inspect your roof and determine the issues. It may be that you need a replacement. Whether you have recently experienced a severe storm that has damaged your roof or a leak has appeared out of nowhere, we are ready to repair any issue.

Give us a call now at (760) 800-6040 for to get started on our Oceanside residential roofing services!

These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Missing shingles
  • Torn shingles
  • Broken gutters
  • Damaged flashing
  • Damage from fallen tree branches or weather

Restoring & Protecting Your Biggest Investment

Although the weather in Southern California is typically warm and sunny, it is also unpredictable when it comes to rain and wind storms. It is important that you take steps towards preventative care to protect your investment by hiring a roofer to determine what condition your roof is in. You can rely on us to address your concerns and provide you with a solution that meets your needs. From our home office in Oceanside, we service residential and commercial customers throughout San Diego, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, and all of the surrounding areas.

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You can count on our highly-trained roofers to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call now at (760) 800-6040 for more information on our residential roofing in Oceanside.

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